"Willow Properties have managed property for us since 2007 (8 years). We have had the experiences of having two separate Property Managers prior to them and have even managed our property ourselves for several years. As a result of finally finding Willow Properties, our lives, relative to our property, and as out of town landlords have been without stress, free of concerns, constantly being kept up to date, treated in a business-like manner and 1,000% more positive. Willow Properties works hard to maintain our property in a manner that would attract quality tenants. We have had conversations with our tenants and received positive feedback. We have been truly blessed as a result of Willow Properties' standards, to have excellent tenants over the years. Our non-rented time has been minimal to none, because of the standards of our tenants and support of Willow Properties. These are the facts as of today.

If you as a tenant are looking to rent properties that you can call your HOME and intend to treat as your HOME, then rent from Willow Properties. If not, then we recommend you go someplace else. If you are a property owner that is looking for a manager to take care of your property and search for QUALITY tenants, then contract with Willow Properties to manage your property. If not, then we recommend you go someplace else.

We are available to discuss OUR experiences with anyone desiring. Willow Properties will know how to contact us."

J M. Parkland, FL

"We rented through Willow for nearly 3 years, and do not have one complaint about them! If there was anything that needed to be done the responded the same day, we even had our heat go out on a weekend and still received prompt service and got it fixed that weekend. I was nervous about the move out process because of the reviews, but it was honestly a smooth process. As long as you respect the house and management, and are good tenants, you won't have any issues!"

Cindy F.

"We rented from Willow Properties for 2 and a halfyears while we were saving to buy a house. The rent was very affordable the building is kept clean. When the occasional problem came up they were quick to remedy the situation. I would recommend them to other people. We spent several hours cleaning when we moved out but were rewarded with the full deposit and received some money back because they were able to re rent the apartment quickly."

Timothy K.

"I am an owner of one rental. Willows Properties makes sure the rental is in good condition both when the renters move in and when they move out. They enforce safety for the renter and make sure the owner's interests are being served as well. If I didn't have an agency as good as Willow Properties take care of my rental home I would get out of the business of renting. They take care of everything for me and I know my rental home is in good hands."

Andreas M.